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Are You Safe In Your Employment?

This question is significant more than ever before because career growth and safety run on parallel lines. It is very important to make your company and your immediate authorities feel that you are indispensable; more so when most companies are focusing on downsizing the number of employees to cut back costs. Most employees have a gut feeling about their career in the organization but if there are red flags like rumours about the financial status of your company or the fact that you are not called for important meetings etc should always be addressed at the earliest.

Listed below are a few signs that you might not be safe in your employment:

  1. Financial security

If you have been sensing financial troubles at board meetings, or on news channels etc, it is a sign enough to start looking for a backup. These kind of rumours most often stem from real situations and occurrences and it could be true that your job is at stake as well.

  1. Your salary is delayed or not credited

This is also a sign that your company is playing subtle games and trying to give you subtle hints about the fact that they want you to resign. While this is not really a legitimate way of doing things, the HR department has a number of ways to make it work.

  1. Someone else has been hired

What is the other guy in the room next to yours doing with the same qualification and skill set that you have? If you are asking this question too often, your job might be in trouble.

  1. Not paid for overtime

You should be aware of the fact that California law requires an employer to pay overtime to an employee who works for more than 8 hours a day. If you feel that this is not being followed, you could visit this website that sums up the most important overtime laws in California.